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Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Molly vs. Yr 6 Maths homework

Year 6, like every child, was a very stressful time for me. SATs were just around the corner so the teachers were more strict about handing in your homework on time than ever before. I was always someone that struggled with maths and I would spend hours every week trying to work out the answers to one page in a pre-printed maths workbook (which I'm almost 100% sure the teachers didn't even understand), not to mention the amount of time I spent on the numerous other pages I also had to do within a single homework task. One week I had managed to finish the questions just before a family friend came around. To stop the maths book getting messed up Mum put it up high on top of our Crow, Molly’s, cage. Surrounding her cage was a sheet so at night we could pull it down to cover her over so she slept better. That night, however, the sheet didn't cover the top of the cage. 5 points for who can guess what happens next! 

She must have hated maths as much as me so thought she might do me a favour. If I didn't have a maths book then I couldn't do anymore maths homework and I could spend the hours of spear time I would then have on giving her cuddles and talking to her, right? WRONG! We all know teachers wouldn't have accepted that not having a workbook isn't an excuse to do work, they would just give me a new ones (which I would have to re-start from the beginning) but even though crows are super smart, they haven't learnt teachers behaviors yet (I'm sure that’s next on the list though). Anyway, because she didn't know this she thought she would be helpful and drag the book into her cage and tear every single page into tiny shreds of paper and then poo on it. The next day I took all the pieces into school in a bag and gave it to my teacher who clearly looked as though she was feeling a mix of anger and confusion… until I told her what had happened. I explained that I had done my homework and said the most memorable line ever, ‘the crow ate my homework’… lets just say the teacher wont forget that one in a hurry!

Monday, 28 January 2019


A while ago a Starling got brought into us. As you can see, he is completely covered in plastic netting. If nobody had found him he would have died. He couldn’t even walk so there was no way he would have been able to get away from predators. The chances of him being able to get food and water would have been incredibly slim too.
When he came in we removed the netting straight away which took ages! Thankfully the netting hadn't cut into his body so removing it was painless but throughout the entire thing the Starling was making such a loud screaming noise. This little one was very lucky as he didn’t have any injuries so after a couple of days of rest to get over the shock, he was released again.
There are so many projects going on to reduce the amount of single use plastic being used, which is great as we have had so many animals come in that have been injured due to it, but please be mindful of how you use ANY form of plastic. Throughout our time rescuing and taking in wildlife, we have had more animals come to us injured by plastic netting from peoples gardens than any other plastic item. Please be aware of anything that you put in your gardens so you can try to reduce the risk of wildlife being harmed. 

I am going to write a post with ideas on how you can reduce your plastic usage at some point but in the mean time, please feel free to contact us for more information. 


Wednesday, 23 January 2019

How can you help wildlife in the Winter?

Due to the cold weather food is very scarce for wildlife. Below are ways in which you can help-
- Bird food: please make sure that you don't use fat balls in netting or spring like feeders as birds can get caught in them. 
- Fresh water: As water freezes so much in winter, it would be really helpful if you put some water out for them. It is a good idea to have water available in different size dishes and at different heights so it will help both birds and foxes along with a lot of other animals.
- Bird boxes: There are so many different types around. Having a range of sizes would be really helpful! 
- Shelters: To save money there are some great tutorials to help you make them with things that you can find around you house and are really effective.
- Bug hotels: Allows them borrow and is a food source for birds and other animals. Again, if you don't want to buy one, there are lots of ways in which you can make your own. 
- Cat/Dog food, left over food: Around this time fox cubs are born. By leaving food out you are helping the parents find food to keep strong and healthy so they can care for the cubs. 
They can splinter once eaten and can cause a huge amount of internal damage. However, raw bones are fine.
- Keep and eye out: If you even suspect that an animal might need help, please contact us, your local vet or local rescue for advice. 

If you would like any further information please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help!
Jenny Wackett- 07956 300 290
Emma Wackett- 07854 833 706

Monday, 21 January 2019


If anyone sees a hedgehog out in the day, doesn't matter what size, they need help. Please don't leave them and think they will be okay, they won't be. The most important thing they need is heat, a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel would be ideal, secondly they need food, wet cat/dog food will be fine also water to drink, NOT milk. The little hedgehogs that are wandering around on their own now have been abandoned by their mum as she knows they won't make it through winter. Its too cold for hedgehogs now. If you do find a hedgehog in need please contact us, your local vets or your local wildlife rescue. The cold weather is here, they WILL NOT SURVIVE!
Please share to spread the word!

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Why this blog exists

Hi, its Emma Wackett here. I help run the rescue with my Mum, Jenny Wackett. I absolutely love what we do so since moving to Sheffield for university I have felt like something is missing. I'm not allowed to have any animals at uni and that, for someone that has never had a day without animals, is really difficult. They help me as much as I hep them. They are my coping method when dealing with personal problems so not to have them is a nightmare. I decided I needed to do something that made me feel close to them again. 

Lots of people have told me that I should write a book about the experiences that we have had when running the rescue. I am currently trying to write some stories up so I thought that I would share the basis of some of them to you through this blog. If you like these, the I will go on to write the book. It might take a while though seeing as I'm a full time student. I am also in charge of the Facebook page which I am utterly rubbish at doing at the moment so these posts will also be shared on there too so there will be more posts. I'm not necessarily going to make the stories super funny and cheerful, I am going to say it as it is. There might be some 'you had to be there' stories but I will still write them up. Hope you enjoy it and any feedback will be warmly welcomed. 

I am also going to post some information about different animals and how best to look after them in the wild. I'm hoping that this will be a good place to share any education material that we make so we can get feedback on it but if you would like to use any of it to share yourselves, please ask us first. It's mainly for me to see how helpful they are and knowing who uses them will help me in my future career aspirations (I'll post about that too sometime).

Thanks for reading!
Emma x

Contact Details and Links

Jenny Wackett- 07956 300 290
Emma Wackett- 07854 833 706
Email- walthamabbeywildliferescue@gmail.com
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We take in injured or orphaned/abandoned wildlife with the aim of releasing them back into the wild. Sometimes animals are so badly injured that they will ever be able to go back to the wild or have a life long conditions which would limit their life in the wild considerably. In these cases, we either keep them if it is fair and safe to do so or they get taken to a sanctuary. We also aim to teach people about the animals and how they can help them in the wild. In order to do this, we take animals to events, schools, community projects and groups. We are not a registered charity and run the rescue from home as a family.

If you find any injured or orphaned wildlife please feel free to ring Jenny Wackett on 07956300290 or Emma Wackett on 07854833706. Please try and ring Jenny first as Emma wont be around during term times due to university.  We also have a Facebook page (find link below) which you can use to contact us but please don't message on there if it an emergency because we don't always get the notifications. If you would like us to come to your event please use one of the contact details below.

Jenny Wackett- 07956 300 290
Emma Wackett- 07854 833 706
People have been suggesting that we create a wish list on amazon so people can donate items to us to help look after the wildlife that we take in on a voluntary basis. This will then mean that we will be able to save more money to eventually create purpose built housing and in turn allow us to help more animals due to more space. Any donations would be gratefully received and would be a huge help to us. The Wishlist will be updated as time goes on. Some of the items that have been included might seem a bit odd to have for animals but each item does directly go towards the animals. If you have any questions about what specifically the items will be used for, please feel to contact us. Thank you for all the donations that we have had so far, we cannot tell you how much it helps.

Emma is trying to raise money so we can build an outhouse for the wildlife that we get in. It will allow us to help a lot more animals as we are quickly running out of space. Thank you to all those that have donated!