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Thursday, 17 January 2019

About Us

We take in injured or orphaned/abandoned wildlife with the aim of releasing them back into the wild. Sometimes animals are so badly injured that they will ever be able to go back to the wild or have a life long conditions which would limit their life in the wild considerably. In these cases, we either keep them if it is fair and safe to do so or they get taken to a sanctuary. We also aim to teach people about the animals and how they can help them in the wild. In order to do this, we take animals to events, schools, community projects and groups. We are not a registered charity and run the rescue from home as a family.

If you find any injured or orphaned wildlife please feel free to ring Jenny Wackett on 07956300290 or Emma Wackett on 07854833706. Please try and ring Jenny first as Emma wont be around during term times due to university.  We also have a Facebook page (find link below) which you can use to contact us but please don't message on there if it an emergency because we don't always get the notifications. If you would like us to come to your event please use one of the contact details below.

Jenny Wackett- 07956 300 290
Emma Wackett- 07854 833 706
People have been suggesting that we create a wish list on amazon so people can donate items to us to help look after the wildlife that we take in on a voluntary basis. This will then mean that we will be able to save more money to eventually create purpose built housing and in turn allow us to help more animals due to more space. Any donations would be gratefully received and would be a huge help to us. The Wishlist will be updated as time goes on. Some of the items that have been included might seem a bit odd to have for animals but each item does directly go towards the animals. If you have any questions about what specifically the items will be used for, please feel to contact us. Thank you for all the donations that we have had so far, we cannot tell you how much it helps.

Emma is trying to raise money so we can build an outhouse for the wildlife that we get in. It will allow us to help a lot more animals as we are quickly running out of space. Thank you to all those that have donated!


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