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Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Molly vs. Yr 6 Maths homework

Year 6, like every child, was a very stressful time for me. SATs were just around the corner so the teachers were more strict about handing in your homework on time than ever before. I was always someone that struggled with maths and I would spend hours every week trying to work out the answers to one page in a pre-printed maths workbook (which I'm almost 100% sure the teachers didn't even understand), not to mention the amount of time I spent on the numerous other pages I also had to do within a single homework task. One week I had managed to finish the questions just before a family friend came around. To stop the maths book getting messed up Mum put it up high on top of our Crow, Molly’s, cage. Surrounding her cage was a sheet so at night we could pull it down to cover her over so she slept better. That night, however, the sheet didn't cover the top of the cage. 5 points for who can guess what happens next! 

She must have hated maths as much as me so thought she might do me a favour. If I didn't have a maths book then I couldn't do anymore maths homework and I could spend the hours of spear time I would then have on giving her cuddles and talking to her, right? WRONG! We all know teachers wouldn't have accepted that not having a workbook isn't an excuse to do work, they would just give me a new ones (which I would have to re-start from the beginning) but even though crows are super smart, they haven't learnt teachers behaviors yet (I'm sure that’s next on the list though). Anyway, because she didn't know this she thought she would be helpful and drag the book into her cage and tear every single page into tiny shreds of paper and then poo on it. The next day I took all the pieces into school in a bag and gave it to my teacher who clearly looked as though she was feeling a mix of anger and confusion… until I told her what had happened. I explained that I had done my homework and said the most memorable line ever, ‘the crow ate my homework’… lets just say the teacher wont forget that one in a hurry!

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