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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Playtime went too far!

Leo was one of the foxes that we had as cubs and was best friends with one of our rescue cats, Dusty. They went crazy running up and down the stairs, jumping on our beds and working together to steal our food on a daily basis but I will never forget the day that cocktail sausages came to the rescue... and neither will the chickens! Like normal they were jumping on the bed and running everywhere when Dusty decided it was a good idea to jump out the upstairs window onto the roof below and Leo followed. This in itself wasn’t the problem, however, the chickens were out! No matter what we done, we couldn’t get Leo to come back in. Instead, he sat on the roof watching intently as the chickens pecked away at the grass. Then we came up with the best idea… sausages! He absolutely loved cocktail sausages so we started throwing them out the window. Eventually he jumped inside and stole the entire container. It took us a while to get our heart rate back to normal as Leo tucked into his midday snack. The window was kept shut from then on in. We always had them the fridge in case of other emergencies after that day. We have found that foxes prefer processed meat to fresh, just like us with fast food really I suppose. 

Wednesday, 20 February 2019


Esther was one of the kindest foxes you could ever meet. She came to us in August 2018 and, from the information that the lady who's garden she was in gave us, we think she was either 9 or 10 years old and had 8 or 9 lots of cubs which is an incredible amount. However, the last litter very nearly killed her because of her age. When we got her she went straight to the vets because she was very weak. The vet told us that she had enlarged Kidneys but for now she was okay to live with us as she was not in pain and was still relatively healthy for a fox of her age. We didn’t know how long we were going to have her, it could have been weeks or months so we made the decision to give her whatever food she wanted, her favourite was Deli cooked chicken (excluding cooked bones of course). We are so glad we had her for the 3 months but wish enormously that it could have been longer as on 7th November 2018 she had to be put to sleep due to her Kidneys getting worse. She was such a sweet fox who got on with everyone. She was incredibly friendly for an adult fox and got on well with Amber, another fox that we have at the moment, and even our deer, Willow. She stole our heart and we will miss her greatly. Whilst it is very sad, this is part of what we do. Sometimes there is nothing else to do other than wait but in the meantime we always aim to make the remaining part of an animal’s life, however long or short that made be, the best time possible and when the time comes for them, we are always there until the end.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Care Home Polly

During the summer holidays around 8 years ago we were told about a Peahen lose within a housing estate for the elderly. Whist most of the residents loved her, one person had complained to the council and they said they were going to put her to sleep. It was a race against time to catch her. We went there day after day, week after week to try and get her but at the time we didn't have much equipment that was suitable so we had to improvise. We got a bed sheet and sown a rock into each corner. The idea was that we would throw it over her and the rocks would weigh it down long enough to grab hold, one thing we learned… Peahens are heavy (heaver than four rocks anyway). We managed to borrow a very large net form another animal rescue eventually, I have no idea what people walking past us must have thought when they saw a lady with two children walk past with a bed sheet with rocks in it and a huge net! This was a full time project for us and we were determined to save her. So much so that any friends that were around also got the treat of helping us. They were use to it, they have all told me that they have lost count of the amount of injured animals that we have picked up on what was a seemly ‘normal’ day out. Trying to get her became a daily routine, get up and dressed, feed and clean out the animals and then walk up. The residents were so kind to us and helped any way they could. On the very last day of the summer holidays, we managed it! The most unbelievable part being we got her with the bed sheet! At the time we didn't have the car and Jack was still in the pram so if you were thinking it must have been weird seeing a lady carrying a net and bed sheet walking down the road, imagine seeing a lady walk through the town with a Peahen in a pram wrapped up in a bed sheet and carrying a large net with her two children hand in hand following her asking to go in the shop to buy sweets. Because we were so young, me and Jack wasn't very imaginative at coming up with names, nor was it likely that we would ever agree on what to call an animal but in the end we came up with the most predictable name possible, Polly. We were so proud! She stayed with us for years and became part of the family. The residents asked for updates and they said life was never the same again but everyone was happy that she had survived the council. I have to say that the ‘what you did in your holidays’ homework that year was one that the teacher will never forget!

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Our House Chicken

Whilst Abigail may not be wildlife we thought we should introduce her as she comes to events with us. She is around 7 months old at the moment and is a Lavender Pekin Bantam Chicken, shes our ‘house chicken’. When I was at school I used to have another ‘house chicken’ of the same breed called Annabelle. Mum brought her into the school so children could draw her. We found that a lot of children thought chickens looked totally different to what they do and some didn’t know that chickens lay eggs. We still find this is the case sometimes. When we take animals into schools, clubs or events Abigail now joins us as we feel that learning about animals like chickens is just as important as learning about wildlife. She loves being with people and our animals. She spends so much time with the dogs that she sometimes thinks she is one! She loves to go down the garden and snuggling up with them on the sofa. We cant sit down without her jumping on our lap and she is defiantly the boss over the cats and dogs in our house! If she walks towards them, they know they its them that needs to walk around her and not the other way around. Here she is snuggled into her favorite rug... we have to be VERY careful not to step on her.

She loves to be on the sofa with us and the animals. Here she is with Willow and Archie.

There are always so many chickens that are in need of new homes. Many chickens have their life taken away from them just because places cant find enough people to take them on as pets. If you are looking at getting some, please look around for rescues. They make fantastic pets and even though they are rescues and many need a little TLC, many are still good layers and will be a great addition to the family. If you would like any advice on keeping chickens or want help finding rescue chickens in need of new homes, please do not hesitate to contact us.