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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Care Home Polly

During the summer holidays around 8 years ago we were told about a Peahen lose within a housing estate for the elderly. Whist most of the residents loved her, one person had complained to the council and they said they were going to put her to sleep. It was a race against time to catch her. We went there day after day, week after week to try and get her but at the time we didn't have much equipment that was suitable so we had to improvise. We got a bed sheet and sown a rock into each corner. The idea was that we would throw it over her and the rocks would weigh it down long enough to grab hold, one thing we learned… Peahens are heavy (heaver than four rocks anyway). We managed to borrow a very large net form another animal rescue eventually, I have no idea what people walking past us must have thought when they saw a lady with two children walk past with a bed sheet with rocks in it and a huge net! This was a full time project for us and we were determined to save her. So much so that any friends that were around also got the treat of helping us. They were use to it, they have all told me that they have lost count of the amount of injured animals that we have picked up on what was a seemly ‘normal’ day out. Trying to get her became a daily routine, get up and dressed, feed and clean out the animals and then walk up. The residents were so kind to us and helped any way they could. On the very last day of the summer holidays, we managed it! The most unbelievable part being we got her with the bed sheet! At the time we didn't have the car and Jack was still in the pram so if you were thinking it must have been weird seeing a lady carrying a net and bed sheet walking down the road, imagine seeing a lady walk through the town with a Peahen in a pram wrapped up in a bed sheet and carrying a large net with her two children hand in hand following her asking to go in the shop to buy sweets. Because we were so young, me and Jack wasn't very imaginative at coming up with names, nor was it likely that we would ever agree on what to call an animal but in the end we came up with the most predictable name possible, Polly. We were so proud! She stayed with us for years and became part of the family. The residents asked for updates and they said life was never the same again but everyone was happy that she had survived the council. I have to say that the ‘what you did in your holidays’ homework that year was one that the teacher will never forget!

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