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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Our House Chicken

Whilst Abigail may not be wildlife we thought we should introduce her as she comes to events with us. She is around 7 months old at the moment and is a Lavender Pekin Bantam Chicken, shes our ‘house chicken’. When I was at school I used to have another ‘house chicken’ of the same breed called Annabelle. Mum brought her into the school so children could draw her. We found that a lot of children thought chickens looked totally different to what they do and some didn’t know that chickens lay eggs. We still find this is the case sometimes. When we take animals into schools, clubs or events Abigail now joins us as we feel that learning about animals like chickens is just as important as learning about wildlife. She loves being with people and our animals. She spends so much time with the dogs that she sometimes thinks she is one! She loves to go down the garden and snuggling up with them on the sofa. We cant sit down without her jumping on our lap and she is defiantly the boss over the cats and dogs in our house! If she walks towards them, they know they its them that needs to walk around her and not the other way around. Here she is snuggled into her favorite rug... we have to be VERY careful not to step on her.

She loves to be on the sofa with us and the animals. Here she is with Willow and Archie.

There are always so many chickens that are in need of new homes. Many chickens have their life taken away from them just because places cant find enough people to take them on as pets. If you are looking at getting some, please look around for rescues. They make fantastic pets and even though they are rescues and many need a little TLC, many are still good layers and will be a great addition to the family. If you would like any advice on keeping chickens or want help finding rescue chickens in need of new homes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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