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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Playtime went too far!

Leo was one of the foxes that we had as cubs and was best friends with one of our rescue cats, Dusty. They went crazy running up and down the stairs, jumping on our beds and working together to steal our food on a daily basis but I will never forget the day that cocktail sausages came to the rescue... and neither will the chickens! Like normal they were jumping on the bed and running everywhere when Dusty decided it was a good idea to jump out the upstairs window onto the roof below and Leo followed. This in itself wasn’t the problem, however, the chickens were out! No matter what we done, we couldn’t get Leo to come back in. Instead, he sat on the roof watching intently as the chickens pecked away at the grass. Then we came up with the best idea… sausages! He absolutely loved cocktail sausages so we started throwing them out the window. Eventually he jumped inside and stole the entire container. It took us a while to get our heart rate back to normal as Leo tucked into his midday snack. The window was kept shut from then on in. We always had them the fridge in case of other emergencies after that day. We have found that foxes prefer processed meat to fresh, just like us with fast food really I suppose. 

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