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Wednesday, 6 March 2019

School Deer Rescue

Last year we got a callout from a local school asking us for some help with a young deer who had got stuck in between some old iron railings. It was a Monday so as far as they were aware, the deer could have been there all weekend. They had called the fire brigade as well to help cut her out. By the time we got there, the railings had been cut and she was just sitting there with the top of her back legs still tucked under the metal. It was clear she had been there for a very long time, she had actually managed to drag herself and the railings across the floor in a bid to escape. From looking at her and the surrounding landscape we guessed that her mother had run past the railings and instead of running around them the young deer thought she could fit through the gap and got caught halfway through.

With help from the fire crew we managed to get her back legs from under the metal and then we were able to then look at her injuries. With the position she had managed to get herself in, she had come out of it fairly well. She had friction burns and bruising to her side and back legs where she had struggled and the odd scratch here and there but it could have been much worse. The school had given us some water for her because she was clearly very dehydrated as she had been there for a long time whilst the fire crew called around for a vet, few minutes later she got up and ran but in the wrong direction. She was still to weak to look after herself and there was a high chance of her running back through the railings again to try and reach her mother and getting stuck again. Again, with help from the fire crew we managed to carry her back through the undergrowth and to the correct side of the railings again. They then used the thermo imaging camera to see if the mother was in the surrounding area still but there was no luck. When the vet turned up they decided to take her in to be put on a drip to help her overcome the dehydration and to give her painkillers for the bruising, and then see how she is in the morning. 

Unfortunately, she didn't make it. Whilst her injuries were not life threating, the shock was. It is one of the biggest killers of wildlife and its something that cant be treated. Although the outcome was not as we would have liked, we were happy that we had managed to help her otherwise she would have suffered a great deal more. We have to say a huge thank you to the school for helping us and of course the fire crew who attended for going above and beyond to try and help the deer, we defiantly wouldn't have been able to do it without you!

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