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Thursday, 26 September 2019

Caring for hedgehogs

We have had a lot of people contacting us to ask how best to look after hedgehogs in the wild so I thought I would do a post all about it. First of all, in you have hedgehogs in your garden, you are incredibly lucky! The number of hedgehogs in the wild is decreasing drastically. 

Below are some key ways in which you can help out our hedgehogs. 

  • Leave a shallow dish of water for the wildlife in your garden and some food. For hedgehogs specifically, you can get specialist hedgehog food, wet cat and dog food and cat biscuits.
  • Don't use slug pellets and other pesticide in your garden as they can directly harm the hedgehogs as well as their food source. There are plenty of organic methods you can use instead. 
  • Keep a part of your garden 'wild' for the use of wild animals. This means that hedgehogs can stay in your garden without being disturbed. To help with this, you can also get a hedgehog house so they have somewhere warm and safe that they can get into. Having a wild patch in your garden helps all wild animals and bugs so is defiantly worth it.
  • Check your garden for wildlife before you mow the lawn or use a strimmer. We have seen many hedgehogs that have been caught by the strimmer as they are hiding in a hedge, please try to stop this from happening.
  • Please check bonfires before lighting them as hedgehogs love to hide in them.
  • Dispose of litter responsibility as hedgehogs and other types of wildlife can be seriously harmed or die due to getting caught up in rubbish.
  • Make sure that there are sloping edges in ponds in your garden so all wildlife, especially hedgehogs, can get out easily to avoid drowning.
  • Be careful when driving. So many wildlife die on our roads. The animals were there before the roads. We have made roads through THEIR home, so we need to make sure animals are respected and taken care of, not killed.
If you would like anymore information or find a hedgehog in need, please contact us. You can find our contact details here.

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